Feature Tour

  • Our web based control panel gives you total control over your spam filtering. The administrative user for the domain has complete control over all aspects of filtering and reporting. At the administrators option, individual mailbox owners can be given rights to adjust setting for their mailbox.

    Domain Level Features

    * Destination server route management
    * Domain alias management
    * Subject tagging adjustment options
    * Protection report settings
    * Changing report language
    * Determine blocked file extensions
    * Set maximum email size
    * Manage per-domain sender whitelist/blacklist
    * Manage per-domain recipient whitelist/blacklist
    * Domain statistics and logging
    * Domain email quarantine management

    Mailbox owner features

    * Email quarantine
    * Log search
    * Whitelist recipient

  • At the domain level you can apply whitelists or blacklists to specific email address or to an entire domain. All filtering checks are disabled for whitelisted senders. Emails from blacklisted senders are automatically rejected with a 5xx SMTP code.

    Individual mailbox owners can whitelist addresses (or whole domains) if the domain administrator has enabled mailbox owners access to the web interface.

  • Recipient callouts are used to determine if an individual email address actually exists by checking with the destination mail server. If the destination mail server accepts the address the information is cached for 96 hours. If the destination mail server rejects the address (with a 5xxx error code) the rejected address is cached locally for 2 hours. The cache can be manually cleared using the web control panel.

  • We have two options for dealing with mail determined to be spam. The first option is called “tagging” and the email subject is modified (tagged). The default tagging is “[spam]” but can be modified via the web interface. The second option is a message quarantine on the Agent Spam cluster. Quarantined messages are stored for 30 days on the cluster. Quarantined messages can be reviewed via a daily report, via the control panel (at either the domain administrator or mailbox owner level) or by using an IMAP interface. If you use the IMAP interface you can simply drag messages from the quarantine into your in-box in your email client.

  • The Agent Spam cluster will act as a backup MX server for your email. If, for any reason, your email server is not available to receive email it will simply queue up on the cluster. Mail is stored for 4 days on the cluster. After 4 days a non-delivery notice will be sent to the original sender.

  • Access to the Agent Spam logs is available via the control panel. You can search logs via the control panel (using multiple criterion) or simply download the raw logs for local analysis. Logs are stored for 28 days. We also provide high level statistical information showing the number of emails processed, size of the mail processed (in megabytes) as well as the number of emails emails accepted, rejected etc. The statistics are show in summary format as well as graphical format.

  • The Agent Spam cluster can accept incoming connections unsecured as well as connections protected with SSL/TLS. Outbound connections (to the destination mail server) and also be unsecured or secured with SSL/TLS.