Reselling Agent Spam

Tired of paying the high price for spam filtering appliances? Instant hardware replacement renewals? Annual software maintenance renewals? Then at the end of the day you still have hardware that is out dated and it cannot handle your increased filtering load. Agent Spam's Spam Filtering Reseller packages solve that problem. Whether you're a small/large ISP or hosting provider Agent Spam's Reseller packages will provide you a full White Label Filtering Reseller solution.

Make Money Reselling Agent Spam

Agent Spam is designed from the ground up to be white labeled and to fit into your brand. As a reseller you purchase Agent Spam filtering services at a wholesale price and then charge your customers whatever you want. As a reseller you provide first level support to your customers and we provide second level support to you.

Our White Label Spam Filtering Solution Offers:

  • Full Branding: Add logo to control panel interface, custom URL (, custom MX records and even the header information is branded!
  • Easy Management: Agent Spam offers a Reseller control panel to manage all aspects of the filtering process. From the Spam Filtering Reseller control panel you can add, modify, adjust all of your customer domains.
  • Domain and End user Control Panel: Domain administrators as well as end users also have access to a control panel so they can manage the filtering process.
  • Clustered filtering servers: Agent Spam is fully clustered and operates as a SaaS Cloud environment.
  • Reduced Bandwidth: As an ISP or hosting provider you're always looking for way to decrease your costs and increase profits. With off loading your spam filtering services to Agent Spam you will see an immediate decrease in bandwidth to your email hosting servers.
  • Low Cost Solution: Most filtering appliances cost thousands of dollars and then the manufacturer has an annual software/maintenance fee which can be hundreds to thousands of dollars. Save money with Agent Spam!

Ready to get started?

Choose of of our reseller packages and start making money reselling AgentSpam.

Agent Spam reserves the right to only allow actual ISP’s and hosting providers to signup for Reseller Hosting packages. Spam Filtering Resellers are required to support their customers and end users. Agent Spam will only support our Resellers.